Where Parable Lines Meet

Parables of Latitude will display many different topics and subjects. We’ll try to tempt you to return to read more. Parables will try to be interesting and put a different spin on some things while also trying to clarify some things gathering together information on some interesting subjects.

Parables of Latitude – a parable is a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. Latitude in this case refers to the scope for freedom of action or thought. This publication is called Parables of Latitude because it will carry a very broad scope of topics and try to make the topics clear with simple examples.

You might not be interested in it all and you might not agree with everything, but perhaps you will be entertained.

A bit of an explanation to the breakdown of the entries listed in the menu:

  • Parable Universe – astronomy, the planets, stars, and everything in between (perhaps other sciences)
  • Parable Worlds – speculative nature with or without unproven aspects. Perhaps some conspiracy theory material, perhaps some fiction to hide things, perhaps as parallel worlds
  • Parable Lines – poetry and prose and the like
  • Parable Life – spiritual and religious discussion and thought
  • Parable-a-gram – humour, jokes, perhaps editorial content and cartoons
  • Parable-ic – including everything.
  • Parable links – links page