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This was the original article I wrote from which I got the idea for the site and titles Parable Universe and others from:

It is interesting to see what is in the sky. Perhaps if you are a Fundamentalist you can look on the discoveries in the sky of things like the Big Bang as a Parable that God wrote in the sky for us to find. If you are not a Fundamentalist you still might, depending on how literal you take the Bible or other Religious Teaching you follow. But even if a non-believer you could look at it the other way around perhaps.

I wonder, is the Universe itself a parable?
Are the stars and galaxies stories to tell us of God and God’s love.
Are there stories in what we see in the rebirth of stars from the fiery blasts of supernovas impinging on nebula — some left over from the formation of galaxies mixed with the materials blasted out of previous supernovas.
We see the alpha and the omega… the no-time of pre-big bang where there was no space, no time and all was one and all time was one being the alpha — the all-time of the black holes where time slows to infinitesimal crawl and then a stop at the event horizon and each black hole a place of its own separate. Beginning and end.
We see shepherds and hunters, we see beacons and cloaks. We can see echoes of the very story of creation told of in Genesis in cosmology,  and astronomy as well as other sciences.
Perhaps the Universal time scale is even far greater than the Geological time scale which is far greater than the Human time scale, but… we look and see it unfold through our telescopes and see what God has written across the heavens.
What has our God written for us to read?

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