Parable Universe

An impression of a world somewhat like Mars, but larger and with a slightly heavier atmosphere.The Universe is a strange and wonderful place. So much has been discovered since the later part of the twentieth century. Many of the people reading this will remember nine planets, but there may be some who can remember a time before the discovery of Pluto or even that of Neptune or Uranus. How many remember when a few of what were at one point considered planets — before Pluto’s discovery — were demoted to the then new category of asteroid?

Now some of those asteroids are included with Pluto as “dwarf planets” and there are hundreds of planets now discovered orbiting other stars than the Sun!

“Parable Universe” will be exploring the menagerie of celestial bodies out there among other topics. There are also many objects more and less star-like to discover. I hope you hang around to read about them.

Parable Universe – articles and essays about astronomy, the planets, the stars, and everything in between. I am not sure if it might spread into other sciences.

About dwpenner

DWPenner has a broad education that is strong in the sciences and technology. He also has studied archeology and some history in his journey to "Now". DWPenner enjoys creating, whether sketching or writing. Creating computer graphics or web pages are equally satisfying and at one time he loved writing computer programs. Medieval heraldry has been a passion and currently he volunteers as one of the Directors of a heritage society.
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