Parable Worlds

Some things in this world border on fictional. The boundary can be a bit grey. Where do conspiracy theories fade into fiction? When is the best way to expound on a very exotic theory by doing so in a story and seeing who might come to you relating their own experiences? Or perhaps, aren’t the best stories those which “might” be true, but aren’t? How many “stories” actually turn out to be true? How many conspiracy theories spawn good or bad fiction? How many urban myths do the same, how many urban myths are myths, how many aren’t?

What about daydreams?

Parable Worlds – articles, essays, and stories of a speculative nature which may or may not have some unproven aspects. Some might be in the direction of “conspiracy theory” material, others perhaps fiction, others… as if tales from parallel worlds.

About dwpenner

DWPenner has a broad education that is strong in the sciences and technology. He also has studied archeology and some history in his journey to "Now". DWPenner enjoys creating, whether sketching or writing. Creating computer graphics or web pages are equally satisfying and at one time he loved writing computer programs. Medieval heraldry has been a passion and currently he volunteers as one of the Directors of a heritage society.
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