Sometime people might ask me of my sources. I could tell you some of them and you might believe me. Telling some might give away others and might place shadows over others. Some sources might lend credence to others that do not deserve it and other sources that are very credible in some cases are not in others.

Some of the stuff is pure speculation.

I leave it to you to check out what I write: If you dare and wish to risk it. There might be dangers. The danger could be that you learn something you don’t like about the subject or yourself. The danger could be that you find something that someone doesn’t want let out and you may anger them. They might treat you as a danger and wish to neutralize that endangerment.

Sometimes; and even often, what I write is pure speculation and fiction intended to portray the truth in a way that allows for plausible deniability. It’s all just fiction; all speculation. That provides sources and me with safety and protection while allowing you to read it and make your own decision and determination.


About Confectioneer

Telling a few sweet tales. Everything is sugar. But not everything is true.
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