Conflict of Interest

There is a lot of conflict in this world of ours. I have read stories of how this is being instigated by more than Mother Nature and bad planning. These stories say that this is being instigated by a few key families… all linked to the larger Rothschilds. They want to cut back the population of the Earth to a reasonable level with them still at the top of the heap. They are at the top of the heap right now — so the conspiracy theories go — and they want to stay there and a collapsing world might upset that unless they control the collapse.

They control much of the world including oil and other energy. They control transportation and banking. They work to control water and food as well. Their goal is also to control population and pull it into line. I believe the idea is to reduce it to a level of 500,000,000 individuals. That’s a big reduction.

I could be out on the number, but it is that sort of massive reduction.

The method… conspiracies abound. A current one has to do with turning the tap on energy production off. They say current events in Egypt and other countries are intended to slightly close the tap. Some say that it is in preparation of shutting the tap off.

Perhaps they are correct?

I do see signs of an equally powerful group pulling in a different conflicting direction!

I believe there is another group at odds with this group. Let’s call the first group “R” for reduction… or perhaps Rothschilds. This second group have another goal. Instead of reducing or culling the current population, they want to control the current population as a resource and in order to do that they must control the environment, commerce, and pretty well everything. I guess we could call them “C” for control.

Now with R wishing to reduce the population through many tools, the biggest being war brought on by lack of resources among other things — and C wishing to keep things under control, C is at odds with R.

C is developing many military tools for controlling populations including many tools of war to end wars quickly. R likes war toys as well, but they want to cause death. C is looking into prevention of wars and strife and inner turmoil as well.

To do these things C is looking into things like population control. They are finding ways to pacify crowds, to redirect their movement away from some places towards others. They want to take away the aggressive thoughts and make crowds docile and perhaps susceptible to suggestion from authority. R would rather like to be able to use similar tools to cause rioting and civil unrest… definitely a two edged sword.

Perhaps R and C can come to some sort of consensus without all the pawns being treated as … pawns. But… I think that tools to control crowds are coming or are here.

I think there are signs of it.

Not so sweet.

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