A place for Spiritual and Religious discussion and thought. From the point of view of a Protestant Christian who seeks answers to many questions including the hard ones.

…and yes, some of my friends are… -fill in the blank-.

I love my friends, I love my neighbours, I love my enemies, I love my family.

I was taught that love is the most important commandment and try to let that guide me.

(PS I Love God and I Love Jesus my Saviour and being filled with the Holy Spirit.)

About dwpenner

DWPenner has a broad education that is strong in the sciences and technology. He also has studied archeology and some history in his journey to "Now". DWPenner enjoys creating, whether sketching or writing. Creating computer graphics or web pages are equally satisfying and at one time he loved writing computer programs. Medieval heraldry has been a passion and currently he volunteers as one of the Directors of a heritage society.
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