Ohm Watt Impedance Mhooooooo

What does Facebook have against paragraphs and white space? … with their new “enter the post with the click of the enter key” system, it is nearly impossible to break up a posting into thoughts.

…well I know actually…

nothing against paragraphs and white space at all. It is a matter of dumbing down and streamlining.

Now you can post without making an additional click of the mouse on a “post” button. Hey, and you can treat each post like a paragraph anyhow… unless you want to edit the previous paragraph… (secret, -shift- -return- will give you a paragraph break that still works… or for some keyboards -shift- -enter-)

Is this because so many post from mobile devices? Or because twitter does it this way?

Brought to you by the letter “D” and the number “W” and the letter “P” but not the letter “Z” because it doesn’t rhyme with “E” because I’m Canadian.

Now a lot of people also like to do all their writing without making recourse to the mouse… I guess they navigate their pages by keyboard too… I know it’s possible. In fact on this newfangled machine I could navigate the web by voice. Anyway they like the new system because they can post without moving fingers to mouse and a -shift-enter- is no issue for them for the convenience.

Well, I only press “send” once per message on average. I add paragraphs more often. So now, I must add an extra process essentially so the texters don’t have to send.

I guess writers use paragraphs and texters don’t.

For me it is like the “average number of legs in a crowd per person will always be 2 or less and probably not more.” Why? because there are few 3 legged people, but occasionally people with missing limbs. What I mean to say is that there will always be at least one paragraph for a writer, and often more than one in a post. So the ratio of paragraphs to posts will always be one or greater.

However with all naked -enter- or -return- presses sending a message, the ratio will get closer and closer to One. Ahhh Oneness…. Ohm Watt Impedance Mhooooooo…….

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DWPenner has a broad education that is strong in the sciences and technology. He also has studied archeology and some history in his journey to "Now". DWPenner enjoys creating, whether sketching or writing. Creating computer graphics or web pages are equally satisfying and at one time he loved writing computer programs. Medieval heraldry has been a passion and currently he volunteers as one of the Directors of a heritage society.
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